Data and Facts

Data and facts about Canada

An interesting comparison: Canada – Germany.

Canada BR Germany
Total area(in km²) 9.976.140 357.021
population(total) 33.099.000 82.422.300
population(each km²) 3 230
Agricultural production each population. ($) 759 329
Wood extraction per 1.000 population. (m³) 6.688 534
Telephone connections each 1.000 population. 626,91 670,09
Internet usage each 1.000 population. 686,12 678,71
Car each 1.000 population. 551,17 573,03

Gasoline and diesel prices in Canada are well below those in Germany. Despite good medical care in Canada you have to spend less on health costs than in Germany.

For all numbers given here, we assume no liability, as they are subject to constant, natural change. Status of the data: 01.04.2007
Source:, country comparison