Canada – a country to feel good

Lots of nature, attractive leisure facilities and well-known attractions form the basis for healthy, gentle tourism in Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia.

The maritime climate in Nova Scotia does not meet the expectations that many people have of the Canadian weather. From the Cabottrail, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, you can best experience the varied character of the landscape. The natural spectacle of Indian Summer attracts many tourists every autumn. Culinary delights are of course not too short: especially lobster and other seafood play a big role in the local cuisine. Several good restaurants await you here.

Any kind of water sports, such as sailing, fishing or whale watching in the direct coastal area are not only experiences for small children. Hunting opportunities in extensive forests or motorcycle tours through beautiful landscapes await the visitor.

History to touch, z. Fortress of Luisbourg, for example, invites you on a historic voyage of discovery. In winter, Nova Scotia offers ice fishing, tobogganing, cross-country and downhill skiing and snowmobiling.