Own supply

 Own supply & infrastructure

Of course, independence also means being able to exist in the utmost independence from energy, food and water suppliers. Measures we have planned or already implemented to achieve this goal at Smiths Road Farm:

Water supply

  • Own drinking water wells with controlled good water quality for humans and animals
  • Own septic systems for wastewater treatment, composting toilets


  • Largest self-sufficiency through a private Permagewächshaus concept. Production of genetically unchanged old plant varieties with natural fertilization and soil improvement (EM, compost etc.)
  • Orchard meadow with winter-proof fruits
  • Own seed offspring
  • Earth camp cellar for professional fruit and vegetable storage

Power supply

  • Use of existing solid fuels (wood)
  • Use of solar and wind energy (Nova Scotia is one of the sunniest regions of Canada and the proximity of the Atlantic means that wind is almost always available)

Network, neighborhoods

  • The medium to long term goal is to further develop our existing network of German and Canadian neighbors and friends locally and to supplement them by the integration of other future landowners. This enables mutual assistance as well as social contacts and further developments..

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