Directions sketch and description

Directions sketch & description

From the airport : Airport Halifax Robert L. Stanfield
To the office: 10001 Grenville Street, St. Peters , NS, B0E 3B0, P.O. Box 279, Canada, Phone/Fax: 001 – 902 – 535 – 2846

F.E. Property Sales Ltd. / New Settler Consultation

10001 Grenville Street
St. Peters , NS, B0E 3B0
P.O. Box 279
Phone/Fax: 001 – 902 – 535 – 2846
Dates only by prior agreement )

Directions to the office:
Directions from Halifax Airport: Total distance about 300 km on Highway 102 towards Truro. After Truro, turn right onto Highway 104 towards Cape Breton and before New Glasgow. From there continue on this highway towards Antigonish. Continue towards Cape Breton / via the Canso Causeway to Port Hawkesbury. Welcome to Cape Breton! From there continue on the 104 direction St. Peters.

Enter St.Peters and follow the main road. In the middle of the village you can see the big food market “Foodland” on the right side. When you see it, drive slowly and just opposite, on the left side of the road, to the gray building of the Credit Union Bank. In the right part of the bank building you will find our office. Welcome.

Please note – dates only by prior agreement.

From the airport
: Airport Halifax Robert L. Stanfield
To the farm: 480 Smith Rd, Grand River, NS, B0E 1M0, P.O. Box 1, Canada, Phone/Fax: 001 – 902 – 587 – 2091

Smiths Road Farm
480 Smiths Rd PO Box 1
Grand River, NS, BOE1MO
P.O. Box 1
Phone/Fax: 001 – 902 – 587 – 2091

Directions to Smiths Road Farm:

How to get to us (From Halifax airport about 300 km). Take Highway 102 direction Truro. After Truro, take the exit right onto the 104 direction Cape Breton.

Stay on the highway; you will pass through New Glasgow. Then  Antigonish. Over the Canso Causeway then Port Hawkesbury

Welcome to Cape Breton!
Carry on the 104 direction St Peters. Drive through and over the canal bridge. After the domed building turn right onto the 247 direction Grand Reve.

Stay on this road; you will drive through Rockdale then Lardoise. Then Lower L Ardoise, then after the post office on the left, turn left. Drive about 7 km direction Grand River. Caution Before you will see our arrow on the right pointing to the left With `Smiths Road´(Green road sign) .Drive down about 800 metres on a gravel road , then you will see our sign: Welcome to Smiths Road Farm!