Self sufficient in Canada

Project: Smiths Road Farm

Do you know this scene from the Swedish children’s book `Nils Holgersson´?

… In Autumn the wild geese fly over the domesticated farm geese that are locked in and call to them, „Come with us, fly south with us!“ The domesticated geese answer, „Why should we want to go with you? We are fine here! “The wild geese call back, „ You are fine at the mo-ment, are you free? “

Does this ring a bell?

Somehow it seems to us that at the moment things are fine. Nevertheless, gradually more and more people are slowly realising that there is something wrong with our society.

The realisation that as normal people and good citizens we are becoming increasingly (and kept) dependent on the monopolistic supply chain, got me thinking.

From this realisation an idea was born. The Smiths Road Farm, is gradually, with a lot of per-sonal initiative, step for step- becoming self-sufficient. It goes without saying that this leads to a responsible, circumspect attitude towards nature.