Liberty and self-determination through own initiative – your land in Cape-Breton-Island

When I made the first contacts in Canada a few years ago, I knew nothing about Nova Scotia or the existence of Cape Breton Island. However, one thing was clear to me:

In Germany and The European Union, with increasingly authoritarian and runaway administrative machinery, the quality of life and realistic good perspectives for the future were palpably diminishing for us, the citizens.

You can either just watch or begin to actively change things yourself. I decided for change and an proactive search for alternatives. This chosen path is full of new challenges, but also laden with fresh insight and heralds a letting go of old hard-baked perceptions and ideas.

Have I awoken your interest for our thoughts and ideas, or do you also have a gut-feeling that the world in which you live at the moment is no longer in order? If you are searching for real alternatives then I would like to welcome you to our website F. E. Propertysales and the Smiths Road Farm.

Frank Eckhardt