F. E. Property Sales – Your Partner for Land Acquisition in Canada

Founding our own property development company enables us to help you to acquire coastland, lakeside, forest, and pastures in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. We concentrate on land that has the highest possible utility for the purchaser later on; useful for development or possible self-sufficiency. One of our highest priorities is the best possible value stability. With this in mind we avoid any mass development. Our areas are for the most part from 20,000 square metres (approx… 5 acres) upwards.

We offer lakeside, shoreline, forest and pastureland for residential or holiday homes for:

  • Capital- und investment in physical material assets outside Europe
  • Immigration ; the possibility of personal self-sufficiency
  • Leisure and vacation accommodation
  • Retirement residence
  • Farm land

We offer you plots of your own land that have already been thoroughly inspected, surveyed and approved. Land-water and usage rights have already been clarified in advance by us. This means that we can guarantee a reliable transfer of title with a purchase contract in both Ger-man and English.

Available on request is the possibility to put you in touch with companies searching for a com-pany successor!

Due to the fact that there is a bare minimum of administration and sales structure costs, we are able to offer our real estate and property at a fair price. If you like, you can say you are buying your milk directly from the farmer.

Also we can offer help in other matters of support, such as opening a bank account or, at a later date, building development or landscaping the property. We have developed excellent, reliable contacts that we would gladly recommend to you.

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