Newsettler Consultation

Newsettler Consultation

Statement from Frank Eckhardt

Preliminary information

[Status 1. Januar 2018 ]

Dear Reader,

If you are interested in taking advantage of the service I offer, please read  my terms and conditions and commercial regulations carefully and see whether this could be of interest to you..

I will explain briefly the reason and necessity of the new regulations. Since the first time I came to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 18 years ago, This area, especially Cape Breton Island has beguiled me. This prompted me to move to Cape Breton and set up my own company and apply for Permanent Residence. I founded my own development company; this is where you have just landed. I have striven to build up a European/ Canadian network in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. I have amassed experience and contacts and made lots of friends. I must also admit that in the beginning it was difficult and, more than once, I ended up paying dearly.

I do not regret my decision to move here – I would do it all again and leave my country of origin and move to New Scotland. Please read on my start page or on the Canada page the short entries “Worth Reading”. Through the years my company has shifted its focus. This must come as no surprise, new people, new input. All this inspired me to concentrate more on consultation. It is a labor of love; I have always been interested in what the people had to tell, and where possible, have offered them advice or support. Whether they had bought their property from my company or not , was not important. I enjoyed doing this, especially when I saw that the time I took  was appreciated. It was not so much about the financial aspect, more about working together with people. It has a bit of “Mission Creep” about it; becoming a more comprehensive consultation about life in general in Nova Scotia. There is only so much time , to be divided between the company and my lovely family. This is the reason for the change since the beginning of 2018. Naturally, any advice given to purchasers of property from my company is free. Any consultations above and beyond this will take place in my office in  St. Peters or by telephone, email etc.  The first 12 months after purchasing property from me are cost free, the fee for consultation is in the price and there is 100% refund on any consultation fee. After 24 months of purchasing property from me, the consultation fee will be refunded at 50 %. I believe this is a fair solution. Anybody with interest in a long term business relationship will agree. This is the main aim of the new regulations. This means that persons not directly interested in purchasing land from me, can go straight to ”Newsettler Consultation“  and are in agreement with a 200 dollar fee. Whoever wishes to do this themselves must be prepared to invest much time and effort.

What I offer that is unique and invaluable?

With the Newsettler Consultation I address the following points:

Opening of new bank accounts, importing containers into Canada /Halifax, daily life in Atlantic Canada in direct comparison to Germany or Europe, cost of living, the school system including home schooling , home births in the province, founding or taking over  a company, succession plans including “small businesses” , bureaucratic procedures and permits, contact to craftsmen companies, house construction companies, insurance brokers, possible vehicle purchase, access to our European – Canadian network,  hunting licenses, access to healthy groceries, self sufficiency of electricity, etc. The list goes on. We can also tell you about our experience with moving and immigration.

We are NOT an immigration consultation company.

Although I do not offer this, I can nevertheless recount our experience with application for Permanent Residency as somebody with his own company, which I accomplished without the help of an immigration consultancy. This meant our successful family reunion and the successful application for my wife for PR in December 2017. These notes and facts can be very helpful. I have personal contact to several qualified immigration consultants. I can refer you to them. This is also true for several leading members of the authorities concerned with immigration in the province of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, when asked:

„What would you do differently if you had the chance to go back and start again? Answered:

I would have sought good consultation much earlier“.

With this, greetings from our beautiful and peaceful Cape Breton

Frank Eckhardt

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