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Interesting facts about Nova Scotia (Canada)

Did you know …

  • that Nova Scotia is on the 45th parallel of latitude (the same as the south of France) and there is a direct flight in five and a half hours from Halifax to Frankfurt?
  • that Nova Scotia has a long, warm, and glorious autumn (Indian summer)?
  • that Nova Scotia has an abundance of fruit orchards, apples, pears, and vineyards?
  • that Nova Scotia is an ideal place to cultivate Kiwis, peanuts, mulberries, Melons, am-aranth, peaches, sweet corn and potatoes etc.
  • that Nova Scotia as well as crab fishing grounds and American bald eagles, is also home to humming birds.
  • that Nova Scotia has stunning nature ,a high recreational value with a myriad of oppor-tunities on offer to fill your leisure time. For example, sailing, surfing, fishing, swim-ming, motorcycle tours, golf, cultural events, numerous museums, riding, whale watch-ing, and many other opportunities to appreciate nature; hiking, hunting, archery, cross country skiing etc.?
  • that Nova Scotia and, of course, Cape Breton Island possess several beautiful Atlantic ocean beaches, completely free. Beaches for bathing or long peaceful walks? At some spots you can even ride the waves if you so wish.